What should I wear ...and other FAQs

Do I need special shoes?

No. Although there are special curling shoes that you would eventually want to get if you continue with the sport, you don't need anything other than a clean pair of sneakers to be able to try curling. We ask that you bring your sneakers and change into them in the club so as to prevent tracking outside dirt, salt, etc. onto the ice. We will provide you with grippers to put over your sneakers to help prevent you from slipping and step-on sliders for you to be able to slide out and deliver the stone. Do NOT wear boots or anything with heels.

What should I wear?
Do I need to know how to ice skate?
How cold is it out there?
Can we take pictures?
Can my whole group be together?
Do I need to be athletic/good at sports?

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact our events coordinator at [email protected]


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At the Ardsley Curling Club

. . . you'll find a warm atmosphere (yes, despite the ice), ideal for establishing and nurturing friendships. Here you'll play a great game in men's, women's, mixed, and seniors league competition (Oct. - April). Instructional programs help you get started, and support from your teammates and 'skip' (captain) assures your progress. There's a juniors program too for kids age 12-18. And you'll enjoy sitting in front of the clubhouse's giant fireplace with teammates and opponents after games with some refreshments, talking over the game's highpoints.



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