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McKay Douglas Spare/Substitute/Injury/Sickness Rules


1. Any qualified spare/substitute (a ‘Substitute”) must play in the position of the replaced player or a position at a lower level on the team as determined by the Skip, when entering at the beginning of a game. If the Substitute enters a game already in progress then he must play in the position of the replaced player except in the case a skip is replaced then the Vice moves up to Skip and the substitute replaces the Vice.

2. Where a player is unable to continue play during a game in progress due to sickness or injury or other extenuating circumstances, the Skip shall continue on with the game with the remaining three (3) players. The first two (2) players shall throw three (3) stones each with the skip throwing the last two (2) stones. If the skip leaves the game, the vice-skip shall assume the skip position. A Substitute is a person(s) who meet(s) the criteria as outlined herein. In the event a second player has to leave the ice a Substitute must be obtained to complete the game.

3. Except for the skip position, any Substitute must play in the position of the replaced player or a position below that level (as determined by the Skip), whether at the beginning of a game or when entering a game in progress. If the skip is replaced, the vice shall assume the skip position and the substitute shall either assume the vice position or a position at a lower level as determined by the new skip.

4. A Player who has left a game because of illness, accident or other extenuating circumstances may rejoin his team at any time during any game in the competition for sweeping or vice/skip activities, however the returning player may not throw his respective stones until the beginning of the next end.

5. No team shall substitute for more than two (2) of the original players in a competition. However, if illness/sickness or other extenuating circumstances apply to a substitute, another substitute can replace the substitute who cannot continue.

6. A member of the original qualifying team must throw last rocks.

7. A Substitute list shall be posted at the Club at the beginning of the Bonspiel and shall be updated on an as needed basis.

8. During the competition any Substitute on the approved Substitute list shall be eligible to play. Any Substitute not on the approved Substitute list, must be approved by either the Chairman or the Umpire in Chief.

9. Any player playing on another participating team is ineligible to be a Substitute.

    10. Eligible Substitutes are shown on the attached list.

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